Hello, World!

Hello Everybody,

After many months of looking at popular pen and stationary blogs, I finally decided that I wanted to start one of my own. As I am still new to this vast world of writing instruments, this blog will serve as a journal to document my experiences. This will be my first step of hopefully many, and I am happy to be able to share my experiences with you all.

Truth be told I have always had horrible handwriting. Be it homework, essays, or note-taking, I have always struggled to write legibly. This all changed a month back, when I received my first fountain pen. It had been a birthday gift from my mother, and she gotten me a book on Copperplate calligraphy to go with it. Initially, I didn’t bother using them, as I was really focused with my studies at the time. A few days ago, I fished them out from the bottom of my book shelf, and sat down to just experiment a little to see if the book could help improve my appalling handwriting. After a couple of hours of practice, I was reminded of learning cursive in my preschool in India. A wave of nostalgia washed over me as I formed the curves of each letter. During my practice, I realized that after 19 years on this earth, I didn’t have any hobby at all. I had nothing that I truly felt passionate about, and sincerely loved doing. Whatever I initially thought was a serious hobby turned out to be nothing more than a passing fancy. So I decided right then and there, that I would take pens and calligraphy seriously.

The main inspiration for this blog comes from the pen addict himself, Mr. Brad Dowdy, who has completely changed my perspective on pens and writing instruments in general. Mr. Dowdy, if you ever get the chance to read this, I’d like you to know that I am truly grateful for the inspiration you have provided me, and to keep up the great work.

So without further ado, I begin my journey down this long, inky road. Wish me luck!





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