Next Review Teaser

Hey Everybody,

So it was my birthday last Sunday, and as a gift, my parents got me a new pen. I don’t know how they knew I was gearing up to buy this specific one, but somehow, they knew. I have been researching this pen for a while now, and even had a variant until it broke recently. I had used it to take notes in class, and was stuck without a fountain pen for weeks until I found out about the new model. This is a pen that has turned into a classic since it came out. Said to be reliable by many, have a great range of nibs, and is the ultimate value in versatility, it has taken the fountain pen community by storm with it’s great quality, alongside an unbeatable price for it’s performance. Coupled with the best customer service I have had the pleasure of experiencing, I knew I had to get another one of these.

I’m sure many of you recognize the unmistakable TWSBI logo, but before you think this is just another TWSBI Diamond 540 AL, I’ll tell you that there is something special about this one. What could it possibly be? Stay tuned for my upcoming review this Friday, and find out!



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