Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen – 005 Review


I picked this pen up on a recommendation from a friend, and I have to say I was surprised (in a good way). I was expecting a standard plastic tip drawing pen like the Sakura Pigma Micron, but got something a lot better. A metal-tipped drawing pen which stays true to the needle point part of it’s name, can take a severe beating, and forgive the heaviest of hands. When I discovered it to be metal tipped, I thought it would be scratchy on cheap paper, but how wrong I was to assume that. After an initial hard start, the ink started flowing smoothly, and formed a little dome over the tip, which allowed me to change writing angles effortlessly. The 005 initially confused me, but after reading some reviews on JetPens, I found out that the tip width is 0.3mm.

One of the problems I ran into in the beginning was that the ink flowed almost too well, and ended up pooling when I touched the tip to paper after a short break. This problem goes away after the first 5 times you write with the pen. I didn’t mind, but it might bother some people, so just a heads up. Other than that, I didn’t find anything else that could be an issue.

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Note: Sorry for the blurry pictures. The camera I was initially taking photos with was taken on a trip. I’m currently using a 6 year old digital dinosaur with focusing issues, so please bear with me.


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