Organics Studio Arsenic Review

Sorry guys I meant to publish this last Friday, but I was stuck the entire day from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM in San Francisco trying to apply for a visa to travel to India over winter break. It was one of the longest and most uncomfortable waits I’ve ever had. I was stuck with bawling babies and 40 other people in a room about the size of my bedroom. I wanted to bring my laptop and calligraphy supplies to do the review there, but I left while I was still half asleep, leading me to forget everything back at home. Anyway, the wait was worth it, and it gave me inspiration for the quote of the week. Here it is:


This is an ink that I picked up a while back but never got around to reviewing. As of late, I heard that Organics Studio closed down because Tyler (the owner) moved on to grad school and could not keep the business running. Goulet and a bunch of other retailers jumped to buy up all the remaining stock, and I was determined to try out a sample before purchasing a bottle.


The lubrication of the ink was very surprising. I previously noticed that the iridium of the pen was slowly wearing out, deteriorating my writing experience. However, the ink perfectly compensated for it, and allowed the nib to glide across the page. which helped me write that much better.


The first quality I noticed in this ink was the variation of shading that can be seen when using it in a flex pen. When I held the pen straight and flexed downward, the color was a lot darker than if I held the nib to the side and flexed at an angle. As the tines spread farther and farther, the ink turned a progressively lighter shade of grey. I really want to get one of those water brushes and experiment with this ink in a watercolor drawing. (my drawing skills are below sub-par, so I’ll spare you guys)


Sadly, all of the bottles were all sold out by the time I decided to grab one. Oh well, maybe we can look forward to Organics Studio opening back up after a couple of years and reselling this, maybe not. All I can say is, if the day comes when this ink is available again, I’ll be the first one in line.


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