Noodler’s Apache Sunset Review


Very meaningful and direct, right? That’s what I love about Abraham Lincoln’s quotes. So I thought I’d share my favorite one with you guys. At this point in my life where I’m going to college, trying to find something I’m super passionate about, this quote helps me not stress out as much. It gives me a feeling of peace, where I just think to myself “Whatever will be, will be; I should live in the moment instead of worrying about what could be.” It helps me focus on what’s happening right now, and I hope reading it in my (sub-par) Textualis Quadrata calligraphy will have a similar effect on you.

Enough about my life story, and on to what you came here for, my Noodler’s Apache Sunset review.


Sorry for the stroke inconsistency, I’ll work on it.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful inks I’ve ever looked at. I’ve seen countless reviews on the web, but seeing it in person is absolutely surreal. The shading is the first thing I noticed. Depending on how much pressure I put, the ink became progressively darker. You can see in the picture in the first letter (W) the sections of overlap resulted in a darker shade of orange that looks intense. Sadly, the shading is one of the hardest things to capture on camera. This ink flowed very well in all my pens, and it performed magically with my Pilot VP. I couldn’t be more happier with how well it did. I wish I could try it with my flex pen, but Noodler’s ink is too acidic for the ink sac. I’ll definitely be getting a bottle in the near future.



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