Marvy LePen Fine Tip Review



I don’t often use marker pens, because I don’t need to. I have a multitude of other pens to use. That and I don’t draw. I just don’t. The only effect a beautiful, svelte, expensive fine tip drawing pen would have on my art skills would be making my stick figures thinner than usual. While the pen itself is built solidly, and has fancy silver lettering, it has too many flaws that overshadow the obvious quality.


As you can notice, the grip is really pyramidal and tapered. The problem is mainly that you have a thin pen, which is already difficult for me to properly hold, and then you add a grip section that is too small and unwieldy to properly use. I found my hand slipping little by little every letter, and I was constantly adjusting my grip. Overall, it was really difficult for me to write this review.


The tip is very small, and delicate. The feeling I got when I wrote reminded me of the Pilot Petit3 for some reason. The tip acted like a brush and went the opposite direction of my writing. However, I got a ton of feedback on every writing surface I used, even the silky smooth Rhodia DotPad. The ink was highly saturated though, so the ending result was a beautiful blue.

All things considered, this pen is not something I would use on a daily basis. The pen has a very thin profile, making it nearly impossible to hold for people with bigger hands. So unless you have small hands, or you’re willing to suffer through the frustration for the beautiful blue shading, I wouldn’t recommend this pen.

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