Palomino Blackwing 602 Review

I think that it was late in my junior year that I decided to stop using pencils. I found that when I write with a pen, I tended to stop second guessing myself. This helped me improve my scores on tests, so I was satisfied not using pencils. I had to strike through whenever I made a mistake, but the convenience of erasing was a price I was willing to pay.


Fast forward to 4 months ago, I decided on a whim to occasionally use a pencil when I was writing out code, because I needed the convenience of erasing. I bought a 20-pack of Palomino Blackwing 602s from JetPens, and was stunned. These pencils were completely different from the crappy number 2 ones I used way back when. They exuded an air of elegance, simplicity, and prestige. After using one up by writing with it everyday for the last 3 months, I can say that this pen deserves every amount of praise it gets, and it gets a lot!

This pen really lives up to its marketing slogan: “Half the pressure, twice the speed”. Regardless of the pressure I use, this pencil lays down a nice thick line of graphite on the page. A standard phenomenon I noticed was, right after sharpening, it wrote the darkest. As the writing session went on, the line progressively thickened, but its color was softened to a light grey. This is common with all pencils, but the change is a lot more noticeable with this pencil in particular.


The pen comes with an eraser that can be pulled out, and replaced, but since I have 20, I don’t have to worry too much. The eraser holder really draws the eye towards the back end of the pencil. The contrast between the body, eraser holder, and the actual eraser creates a stunning contrast that gives this pen the look of a luxury item(At its price, I’m pretty sure it can already be considered one!).


The eraser itself is not too bad, but it does leave a couple of smudges, so I use separate eraser.


Overall, this pencil really surprised me, as a viable everyday use product. While the pricing may cause your wallet to cry, you can console it by categorizing it as a “long-term” investment into your writing experience. One pencil lasted me nearly 3 months of constant use until it was sharpened to the size of my pinky. It will take me quite a while to finish the whole pack, but I can guarantee that once I finish, I will definitely get some more.

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