Uni Mitsubishi 9850 HB Review

So many pencils, so little time. This was one of the many pencils from my JetPens purchase a while back. I chose to go back to woodcased pencils for one big reason: nostalgia. Yes, call me sentimental, but the feeling of writing with these traditional writing instruments reminds me of simpler times. This appeals to me in many different ways.

Anyway, let’s get on with the review:

Now I have seen a lot of wood pencils before, but not many can match the simplistic elegance of the Uni Mitsubishi 9850. I originally bought this on a whim, because it was right after JetPens came out with one of their comprehensive review blog posts, choosing to focus on woodcased pencils.(Check it out: Guide to Wooden Pencils) I saw some of the pencils they reviewed, and nostalgia hit me like a truck, and sent me to another world. (little Japanese light novel joke for those who get it)


To start off, this pencils really looks good. In the looks department, I’d rate it slightly inferior to the Palomino Blackwing 602. That being said, this pen combines a rather unique color scheme to achieve a very balanced aesthetic impression.


It looks like something a famous author would use to write his greatest literary masterpiece,  but at the same time it could be used by a student doing their math homework. It strikes the ideal balance between design and practicality.


Absolute perfection!

Now on to the writing experience. My first impression, in its entirety was: “Wow, this pencil sharpens really well”!

[A little background, I have a very peculiar compulsion for all my pencil to have a sharp point. I first noticed it in middle school, and even after all this time, I see it hasn’t left me. Am I alone in this feeling? I sometimes wonder why I feel so strongly about having a perfectly sharpened pencil, but I don’t have an answer yet, and I’m not likely to find one either, so might as well get on with the review.]

After the initial test, the factor that really sold me on this pencil was how long it can keep its point after being sharpened. Spoiler alert, a really long time! This was very surprising as I have always had my pencil points break after the first couple of letters and just cause the entire writing experience to deteriorate as I go on. I can wholeheartedly say that this was not the case when I used this one. It kept its point for an unusually long time, which allowed me to really enjoy writing out my review.


Sorry if it’s hard to see. If you want me to upload a better version, let me know in the comments.

Now on to the eraser. The eraser was a huge surprise, as I actively try to not use the erasers on any wooden pencil. This is probably due to the myriad of horrible experiences I have had with them. However, after a little testing, I can say that this pencil’s built-in eraser completely blows all the others out of the water. Not even the Blackwing 602’s eraser can compete with this in my opinion.


It’s quick to erase and requires minimal pressure, which prevents smudging due to excessive erasing. It clumps together for easy removal, and leaves the paper incomparably clean. The experience is similar when I use a separate eraser. Despite all the good things I have to say, I still try not to use it too much. This is due to the eraser being white. I feel that prolonged usage will stain it, and cause the pen to degrade in looks. That’s just another one of my peculiar habits, for those of you who are more inclined to use it to its fullest, go ahead, because it won’t disappoint you.

Overall, I recommend everyone to try using this pencil at least once. I have a feeling that it will appeal to many of you who use pencils on a regular basis. Priced at exactly $1, it is the most affordable pencil of high quality that I have ever used. To date I have not found any other pencil in that price range that can match the Uni Mitsubishi 9850 in performance. Try it out, it might just surprise you!


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