Tachikawa Straight Nib Holder Review

Now this was one item that I was really excited to try out. I had purchased a pack of Nikko G nibs a while back, and had used them in another holder that I just couldn’t get used to. They stayed in my desk drawer in limbo, until I found this holder that was quite cheap, and had a lot of good reviews on JetPens. I tested it out the moment it arrived, and the performance was amazing to say the least.


Out of box, it looked magnificent in all it’s shining glory. The wood glistened when the light shined on it, and the grains were noticeable, and added a natural look to the holder. The golden branding is not to flashy, and adds a nice contrast to the color of the wood. The pen feels really nice overall, the smoothness can be attributed to the glaze-like coat that adds to the wood’s luster.


The installation of the nib is simple and user intuitive. Instead of the traditional rosette insert widely used in many dip pens nowadays, Tachikawa opted to fuse the rosette holder and pen into one piece. This makes it easy to swap out nibs without having to the clean the nib holder insert, and it also prevents the loss of the insert. I tried inserting nibs of varying sizes, and the pen accepted them all without any major fuss.


This was an initial test of the nib, just some simple flourishing practice. The ink I used was Sailor Kiwa-Guro black, the paper was Rhodia Ice graph.

Overall, this is one of the best nib holders in its price range. It’s affordable, functional, durable, good-looking, and versatile. The fact that the integrated nib holder can adapt to nibs of many sizes is a huge plus for those who use multiple nibs for their work. The white grip, while a little bit of a dust magnet, does it’s job properly. I would recommend this to beginners and professionals¬†alike, as it can handle whatever is thrown at it. Long story short, if you want a reliable straight holder, get this.

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