Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron


I was really in desperate need of a subtle blue-black ink when I purchased this bottle. I had nothing but vibrant inks, and I wanted something more professional looking. Enter Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron. It was by sheer coincidence that I managed to try this ink out. I was at the L.A. Pen Show, and I was learning about the history of Spencerian script from the master penman Michael Sull himself. I was seated next to a gentleman who was using a Matte Black Pilot VP to take short notes. Coincidentally I was using the same pen, but with a different ink. We left the pens to close together and I accidentally picked his up and started to jot down something. It was at that moment that I felt how amazing this ink was. It made the nib of the VP glide over the DotPad I was using. I was surprised and quickly apologized for the mistake. Almost immediately after seeking forgiveness, I asked him about the ink he was using. He told me that is was his personal favorite and that he uses it in his pens with bigger nibs to accentuate the shading. I proceeded to go down to the Anderson Pens table and immediately secure myself a bottle.

The ink was slowly incorporated into my pen rotation, and I’ve never looked back. Over the months of use I have not experienced any degradation in writing experience and I always look forward to inking one of my pens up with it. No matter which pen I’ve used it in, the flow was smooth and consistent, it helped the nib glide over the page, laid down saturated characters and turned out to be bulletproof as well. All in all, this is one of my favorite go-to inks for any official correspondence as well as filling out forms. It looks great on a white paper, and the color is subdued and easy on the eyes.

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