Doane Paper Small Flap Jotter



  • Notebook Size – 2.875″ x 4.75″
  • Grid Size – .125″ (.3175 cm) x .125″ (.3175 cm)
  • Wide (Legal) Ruled Line Spacing
  • 80 Pages per notebook
  • Chipboard 20pt 100% Recycled Craft Covers
  • White 70lb 100% Recycled Content Pages
  • Printed using soy-based inks
  • Rugged Wire-O-Bound binding

(specs taken from product page at Doane Paper website)

Appearance and Construction:


The construction of the Flap Jotter is very simple. Two pieces of recycled chip board covers that sandwich 80 pages of 70lb white recycled paper. This is all held together by the “Wire-O-Bound” binding on the top. Personally, the Flap Jotter really hits a lot of the points I look for in a notebook. Simplistic design, durable cover, minimal branding and strong binding. Discounting the paper, it’s already proven itself to be an EDC contender of mine.

Paper Ruling:


Now the ruling is what initially got me into Doane paper products. I found myself wanting it simply because it would prove helpful when doing my math homework. Having lines to stabilize my rather inconsistent handwriting, as well as graphs that allow me to draw shapes, figures and tables easily, it became an instant favorite. The paper is marketed as white, but the color is actually more of an off-white. While this is not too much of a problem, don’t expect bright white paper. the wide ruled lines lets me write big and not worry about trying to save space. It’s the cells are decently sized and not too big. The one thing that I thought could be improved is the color of the ruling. Occasionally, I found myself distracted due to the bright color of the lines. If they could make them just a bit lighter in color, it would be completely unobtrusive. That would make this already exceptional notebook that much better.

Paper Performance:

Now the paper is the one thing that surprised me the most with its performance. Generally, recycled papers aren’t known to go well with fountain pen inks. On a typical notebook one can see instances of show-through, bleeding, feathering and a whole assortment of other issues. I didn’t encounter even a single one when I tested the paper. The results can clearly be seen in the picture below. With an almost unnoticeable amount of ghosting, it opens up the possibility to use both sides of the paper, and that’s a huge plus for me.


I was going for variety over quantity. Hopefully I achieved this.


Barely any ghosting. I’m very impressed with these results.

I’m currently using my Flap Jotter to keep track of my daily and long-term tasks. I use it mainly as a both a to-do list and productivity tracker that allows me a look into all the tasks I was given and completed. The ruling makes it easy to draw check-boxes (I love check-boxes). Below is an example of a typical day’s tasks.


I recommend Doane notebooks to nearly all my friends as it is one of the best I’ve ever used. I use it for anything from homework and accounting projects, to to-do lists and productivity tracking. The ruling allows a lot of experimentation to find the best use for the individual. I will definitely be picking up more of these in the future.

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