Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens: 2.4mm, 3.8mm and 6.0mm


At one point in time I was looking into getting my first calligraphy pen. I took to the web and read reviews posted by many fellow stationary reviewers. After debating for a while, I chose the Pilot Parallel pens.


The thing that drew me towards the Parallel line was without a doubt the nib. It is very similar to the Automatic pens I’ve seen showcased on websites like JohnNealBooksellers and PaperInkArts. The fact that it could accept a CON-50 converter was another big plus in my book. In my mind, more ink equals more fun.


The pen came with very simple packaging that included a plate to clean in between the nib, 2 ink cartridges (red and black), a metal cartridge for flushing the pen (not meant for ink) and an instruction manual. The first thing I observed when I picked the pen up was its weight, or more specifically, the lack thereof. This is a very light pen.


Pretty much every part aside from the nib is made from plastic. The weight is more towards the front, allowing for less pressure to form lines. The nib is slightly rigid, but allows a rather generous amount of flex for a broad edge pen. It laid down a consistent line every time I used it. The line variation that came about from the nib flexing was a lot of fun to play around with.


The three sizes I opted for were the 2.4mm, 3.8mm and the 6.0mm. The smallest size the 1.5 didn’t interest me as I already had a Lamy 1.5mm stub nib. The caps are brightly colored, and allow for easy identification even if you lose the stickers.

I would recommend these pens to anyone who has either an interest in learning a calligraphic script that requires a broad edge pen, or someone who wants to mess around with huge nibs. At just $12, it is the perfect pen for experimenting with new inks.

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