Uni Kuru-Toga Roullete Mechanical Pencil

1 year and 2 months. That’s how long I have been using this pencil. I purchased it a little while after my blog was started, and it’s been in review limbo since. I had written up a review almost 7 months ago, but I never clicked publish. After all this time, I feel this pencil should get justice for all the time it waited.


So let me start off by saying this: This is hands-down the best mechanical pencil I have ever used. My assertion may seem premature, as I’ve not put up any mechanical pencil reviews till now. Allow me to assure you that going through middle and high school, I’ve extensively used a myriad of different mechanical pencils. From the cheap BIC pencils to the obscenely expensive thin alpha gels. After all this time, and swapping of writing instruments, I have finally found “the one”.


What makes this the best pencil I’ve ever used? Simple. The lead rotation mechanism. It was the very first thing that caught my eye with this pencil. Now when I was extolling the virtues of this pencil to my friends, they had a rather doubtful look on their faces. Is that feature really necessary? It shouldn’t matter that much right? These are the questions I usually got from them. When you’re writing with a pencil, you are wearing down the lead by depositing it on the paper you’re writing on. A problem I faced with a lot of the pens I previously used, was I would keep favoring one side of the lead, resulting in a sharp peak on the opposite end. This problem could be solved one of two ways. Flip the pencil over and write with the opposite end, or break the tip and restart on a fresh section of the lead. Both of these methods tended to cause inconsistencies in my writing. By choosing the first way, the lead would sharp and unforgiving, degrade the lead faster and result in darker letters. The second way would cause my writing to falter when dealing with the circular part of the lead which had yet to be broken in. This pen fixes the problem as advertised, by rotating the lead and evening the surface out for consistent lettering.


Now all of you know by now how much of a stickler I am for grips that perform well. I find a problem with the simplest of things and have very precise standards I measure by. The knurled grip section of the Kuru-Toga has just the right amount of sharpness to it. While not biting into the hand, it’s definitely noticeable. I feel it does a really good job, as my grip has never slipped when using this pencil.


The eraser is about the size of a Tic-Tac, and it will definitely not last very long. I would recommend buying a separate eraser when purchasing this pencil. I restrict the usage of the eraser, and only use it in case I absolutely have to.

There are two versions of the Kuru Toga Roullete. The base model, and the expensive model. I personally opted for the expensive model, as I prefer pens with a little bit of heft. The more expensive version makes use of more metal components, that also add quality and longevity to the pencil. In my case, it’s seen heavy usage almost everyday for the past one year and two months. It has become my go-to pencil for use in any situation, be it note taking, test taking, general doodling, journaling etc. It has yet to present any problems, and I don’t see any in the near future. I have accidentally dropped it dozens of times on all sorts of surfaces, yet the finish looks the same as the day I pulled it out of the box. All in all, this is one tough pencil. I don’t see myself buying another pencil for a long time.

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