Greetings and Happy Holidays

Hey Everyone,

Been a while hasn’t it? I sincerely apologize for dropping off the face of the Earth for so long without prior notice. As you can imagine, I was intensely focused on my finals and thought of nothing else (gotta keep that GPA up 😉 ). It’s been a long time since I posted up a review, so I thought I would post something tomorrow, as a kind of Christmas/Final Post of the Year.

As many of you have noticed there is a page called “Top 5 Pens” that has been in the making for the past year now. I kept delaying because I felt that I had not reviewed an acceptable enough variety of pens to give a good recommendation. I realize now that I’ve long since published an adequate amount that have gotten numerous views (thanks guys!), so it’s about time I complete it. Look forward to its completion by the second week of January at the latest.

I noticed that from the start, I have barely reviewed any inks. The number of fountain/non-fountain pen reviews have completely dwarfed ink reviews. I have quite a few on hand that I keep my pens inked up with, yet I haven’t posted a word about them. This is something I hope to remedy in the coming year. The same applies towards paper reviews, there are far too little. So that’s another thing you can look forward too. In fact, how about I make a whole separate post about all my New Year’s Resolutions regarding the blog?

At this point, I think I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll end with this: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and as always, write on my friends.


Anchit Rao, The Passionate Penman

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