Quick Update

It seems that I have finally caught my mandatory annual pre-New Year’s cold. Really didn’t feel well today. I started but couldn’t finish my full review, but while doing so I had a flash of inspiration. Why not take the time to do a holistic Nock Co. gear review? I have 3 of their cases including the Fodderstack I just got. Coupled with the fact that I’ve been delaying the reviews of the other two for almost a year and a half now (sorry! >.<), I decided to just go for it. I’ll be finishing it up by tomorrow afternoon and scheduling it for publishing at 6:00. I think that’s about the time people would be leaving work/at home to be able to view it. So sorry for hyping it up and delaying it. Didn’t mean to do that and I can say unequivocally to expect it on time tomorrow. Until then, write on my friends.


Anchit Rao, The Passionate Penman

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