Uni Signo 307 Review


This pen is the successor to the Uni Signo 207. This has taken what was probably Uni’s most successful design and further improved upon it. Now most of the pens I tend to review can’t be found at your Staples. This however, is the exception to the rule. Present in nearly very department store I’ve gone to, it is the most widely available gel ink pen I have reviewed to date.


The first thing I noticed about this pen was the ink. It wrote like butter straight out of the bubble wrap. I just touched the tip to paper and the ink just flowed naturally. As of writing this review the 307 is only available with a 0.7mm tip. However, there is a huge variety of refills with sizes ranging from 0.28 to 0.5. The refills are available in a large variety of vivid colors as well. I chose to stick to black, as I don’t use red too much and I have too many blue gel ink pens. It lays down a crisp bold line with high consistency. I have yet to experience an interruption in ink flow or blobbing on the page. The ink is pigment-based, which allows it to form a permanent bond with the paper. It is also billed as water-resistant, acid-free and of archival quality.


There are long ovular protrusions in a grid like pattern along a 3/4 length of the total grip section. These protrusions are my favorite aspect of this pen. As someone who tends to have sweaty hands, as I have iterated many a time in previous posts, the grip is one part of any pen that I critique on a higher scale. So it won’t surprise any of you that I love the design choices taken with this grip. It provides a lot of traction while not digging into my fingers when writing for long sessions. There is a “dorsal fin” like part of the grip that separates my thumb and index finger. It is reminiscent of the cap on the Nakaya Dorsal Fin v1, though not as pronounced. I find that it helps against “death grip” by spacing my fingers out. As a fellow with big hands, I don’t know what it would be like for those with smaller ones. So as a disclaimer, I will state that it might be a little uncomfortable if you like to place your index fingers near the center. Compared with the fin of the 207, the 307’s is more distinct from a tactile perspective.

All in all, definitely a great pen. Based off a very successful design I’m absolutely sure it would be. Though I have to say it took some time getting used to the grip’s dorsal fin. I found myself maneuvering around it many times during the first week. It eventually became a more useful addition to me later on.

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