Rhodia No. 16 Graph


All my friends ask me: Why do you buy such exotic(read: expensive) paper? The answer is simple. When I got into fountain pens, I realized rather quickly that your typical FiveStar or Mead lined paper wouldn’t be good enough. When I say rather quickly, it was specifically after the ink I was using started ghosting and seeping through the page, not to mention the awful feathering. My writing was illegible and resulted in a huge mess on my desk. That was the first step on my journey of finding the best paper for my fountain pens.

Relying on my old and trusty friend Google, I quickly found that there was a rather big forum on paper within FountainPenNetwork. Navigating through the many threads I stumbled upon one that reflected my circumstances perfectly: “Best cheap fountain pen friendly paper for beginners”. Entering and reading the posts I found that they had started an actual poll with Rhodia leading by a wide margin. Returning to Google, I searched for reviews and was not disappointed. Nearly every big stationary blogger I was following at the time had at least one review on Rhodia paper. Excited I went on to the GouletPens website and added a pad of Rhodia to my cart. At the time, I chose to go with the dot grid for reasons outlined in my review. Then I went on to more conventional options like the graph ruling for my math homework. I have been using that same paper for my math homework for the last year now, and it’s still a pleasure to use it to this very day for my Stats homework.

Most of my feelings and observations about this paper can be read in my  linked review, but I just wanted to share how I got into experimenting with fountain pen friendly paper. Overall, I would recommend it to everyone regardless whether they’re just getting started with fountain pens or not. The price is the most reasonable I’ve found among the many options available. Other than the minor trade-off of slightly longer dry times, there isn’t any other flaw I can think of. There’s very minimal ghosting depending on the size of the nib, the rulings are nice and sharp, yet easy on the eyes and the paper is nice and bright, allowing colored inks to pop on the page.



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