Sharpie Fine Tip Pen


The clip is a rather flimsy piece of plastic. It really isn’t very functional even on the day I bought it.


The tip is surprisingly sturdy. I put varying amounts of pressure on it from different angles, but it maintained a crisp and consistent line. While the tip is similar to other plastic tip markers I’ve reviewed in the past this was by far the most solid of them all. It’s very forgiving of the writer as it can adapt to any writing style.


My biggest complain against this pen is the grip. It is uncomfortable due to it’s size. The section that I usually grip is diminutive and feels awkward in my hand. The steep transition between the body and grip section further distract and take away from the writing experience. I generally used this pen for quick notes and not long writing sessions, while I haven’t been able to test it, from what I experienced, it wouldn’t be very comfortable. I found myself constantly readjusting my grip every 15 seconds as I just couldn’t find a sweet spot.


The back where the cap posts is a little loose and doesn’t retain the cap very well. I found the cap slipping on many situations. This didn’t happen when I first bought the pen though, this problem started cropping up 2-3 months down the line, which became very annoying after a while.


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