Hiatus is Over

Hello Everyone,

A lot of things happened since April that made it more and more difficult for me to post. Chiefly, I developed a problem with my laptop that put it out of commission until I could get it fixed once I got home. Immediately after getting home, my family went on a road trip for 8 days and we’ve finally come back and settled down. I would like to apologize as I couldn’t upload anything new having left most of my stationary at home. Now that I’m back, I can start getting back to reviews again. I’ve left it off for longer than I’m comfortable with and can’t wait to get back to posting some new content. The posts I need to make up for are one from April, two from May, two from June and two for July. Seven reviews in total. Starting tomorrow, I will be posting one review per day until I make up for all the ones I’ve missed so far, so look forward to it. It’s great to be back! šŸ™‚


Anchit, The Passionate Penman

3 thoughts on “Hiatus is Over

  1. Hey,

    thanks for letting us know you’re back and well!

    [Motherly tone ON]: Might I say a serious word about the duty of a blogger? There is none. You post whenever you want to, you do not owe anyone. You should have all the fun possible, and if that creates interesting content for others, so be it, great! Your efforts are appreciated and whenever there is silence, you are missed, but again: No pressure. There is enough pressure and stress out there, no need to have that in your spare time, mate! {/OFF] šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the kind words Julie. I simply love what I do and that’s why I hold myself to some standard. The slight amount of pressure motivates me to improve my skills to give the best possible experience for my readers. That being said, I do see how sometimes it gets a little difficult to maintain. However, its readers like you who motivate me to post more. This cycle of reviews will only last until the year end. For next year once my workload starts getting bigger, I might just have to adopt a rather erratic posting schedule. Before that happens, I want to have some semblance of a schedule that sets expectations. Thanks for your concern and know that your advice is appreciated. šŸ™‚ I’ll see you tomorrow.

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