Uniball Jetstream – 0.7mm

Review 2/3


I purchased the Jetstream due to a recommendation from one of my friends back in Cali that swore by it. He said, and I quote, “It is by far the best pen I have ever used and if I could chose one pen to use for the rest of my life, the Jetstream is my choice”. Very high praise, coming from someone who I helped get into pens and stationary. He’s extremely picky with his writing experience and had gone through several pens throughout the years, but this is the one that immediately grabbed his attention and the one that he still writes with today. With such a sterling recommendation, I knew I had to eventually try it out, despite my then slight dislike of ballpoints. The years went by, he and I fell out of touch for a long time and I just recently reconnected with him. One of the first things I remembered was his love of the Jetstream and asked whether he’s still using it, to which he replied that he is and still loves it. Time makes us all  bit wiser, and after finding some great rollerball style pens, I was coming around on considering using ballpoints. It was the perfect time to experience what my friend did and I leapt at the chance. Suffice to say, he was right about everything.

I absolutely love this pen. It was love from first write and after constant use for the last 5 months, my love for this pen has consistently grown alongside using it. Everything from the design to the writing experience is downright amazing and I have never experienced such a great desire to write more with a pen since I first used my beloved Pentel Energel.


The simplistic design that is classic Uniball takes a nice detour to something that is extremely elegant with an all black finish and a slightly textured plastic body with tastefully minimal branding. The overall design is very streamlined, as would be expected from a pen called Jetstream.


The clip is pretty standard and not really that durable. I did notice a bit of excess bending when I tried to use it in the same scenarios as the highly flexible clip of the Tombow Airpress and it would not bend far enough to allow for versatility in how I carried it.

That being the case, it found a nice home inside my Nock Co. Sinclair, where I keep all the my daily drivers. More often than not, after first experiencing the amazing feeling of gliding across the page with it, I found myself reaching for it more often. In fact, I’ve been using it exclusively for taking notes in the stats class I’m currently in. It feels great writing with it and as an added bonus, with me enjoying writing, I’m also paying more attention to the material, being in a good mood and all.


The Jetstream’s grip is really nice, allowing for a lot of purchase while also not bulking up the pen’s slim profile. The grooves in the grip are reminiscent of a shark’s gills, which also adds to the whole jetstream vibe that the pen gives off. The grip tapers off at the sides, allowing for a good amount of cushioning near the front, where it is most necessary and there is a very distinct delineation in the curve where the writer can feel where the extra padding is. I feel that it’s a very good choice as it prioritizes the comfort of the writer while also allowing for a confident grip for long writing sessions.

Overall, the Uniball Jetstream is a very well designed, sleek and comfortable pen that offers an amazing ballpoint writing experience. The ink is smooth, consistent and great with all kinds of paper. I would highly recommend anyone who wants a great ballpoint pen to put the Jetstream at the top of their list, because it is certainly on the top of mine.

Uni Pin Pen Review

Finally managed to catch Captain America: Civil War. I really enjoyed it and while it didn’t go specifically the comic book route, it managed to capture the darker aspects of being a superhero. The tension between Cap and Iron Man really sold the feelings of seriousness that is rampant throughout the entire story arc. Anyway, since I caught it in the morning, you, my dear friends, went without me. Fret thee not, I am finally here with my promised review. Let’s kick off, shall we?


The Uni Pin Pen was just another drawing pen in the veritable collection that I’ve been testing, it stood out as one of the stronger contenders among the masses. The barrel design is one of my favorite aspects of this pen, as it is seemingly difficult nowadays for companies to make their pens out of plastic, but not make their pens feel cheap in the process. Kuretake did an astounding job with the Zig Cartoonist line, making the barrel smooth and comfortable to hold. Uni has similarly done an amazing and arguably, better job on the Pin. It’s smooth, sleek and the branding is subtle. All in all, one of the most comfortable barrels I’ve handled so far.



The tip is standard fare for a plastic tip drawing pen. I opted for my traditional 03 size, which i this case, is 0.38mm and I wasn’t disappointed by the performance at all. However, I found that the angle of the pen really affected the thickness of the line more than some of the other pens I’ve been testing. Occasionally, my lines would slowly thin out at the end of the stroke, but I didn’t find this to be too much of a problem because I prefer to write in block letters. For those who write exclusively in cursive, this may be something of an issue. The ink is a pigment-based ink that is water-proof and fade-resistant.


The grip is one of the biggest problems for me with this pen. The grip gets too narrow too quickly, resulting in a large width difference between the levels that makes it hard to compensate for. I’m a “low-gripper”, meaning my grip is as close as possible to the tip as I opt for maximum control when writing. This grip is not conducive to that specific style of grip and could potentially be a huge factor in whether the pen is right for you or not. You have to make that decision for yourselves.


The clip is solid and snaps back with tenacity after being stretched to the limit. I kept the Pin in my pockets many times and every time I may have over-stretched, the clip held up nicely to the abuse.


The cap has a window for which I know no the purpose. It looks really cool, but I question the functionality and necessity a bit.

Overall, a solid choice for a drawing pen. The ink is dark and doesn’t feather too much on normal paper. The barrel design is one of the better ones offered by companies in the product category. While the grip is a bit finicky for those who use the “low-grip” writing style, it can be adjusted too if given enough time.




Uni Mitsubishi 9850 HB Review

So many pencils, so little time. This was one of the many pencils from my JetPens purchase a while back. I chose to go back to woodcased pencils for one big reason: nostalgia. Yes, call me sentimental, but the feeling of writing with these traditional writing instruments reminds me of simpler times. This appeals to me in many different ways.

Anyway, let’s get on with the review:

Now I have seen a lot of wood pencils before, but not many can match the simplistic elegance of the Uni Mitsubishi 9850. I originally bought this on a whim, because it was right after JetPens came out with one of their comprehensive review blog posts, choosing to focus on woodcased pencils.(Check it out: Guide to Wooden Pencils) I saw some of the pencils they reviewed, and nostalgia hit me like a truck, and sent me to another world. (little Japanese light novel joke for those who get it)


To start off, this pencils really looks good. In the looks department, I’d rate it slightly inferior to the Palomino Blackwing 602. That being said, this pen combines a rather unique color scheme to achieve a very balanced aesthetic impression.


It looks like something a famous author would use to write his greatest literary masterpiece,  but at the same time it could be used by a student doing their math homework. It strikes the ideal balance between design and practicality.


Absolute perfection!

Now on to the writing experience. My first impression, in its entirety was: “Wow, this pencil sharpens really well”!

[A little background, I have a very peculiar compulsion for all my pencil to have a sharp point. I first noticed it in middle school, and even after all this time, I see it hasn’t left me. Am I alone in this feeling? I sometimes wonder why I feel so strongly about having a perfectly sharpened pencil, but I don’t have an answer yet, and I’m not likely to find one either, so might as well get on with the review.]

After the initial test, the factor that really sold me on this pencil was how long it can keep its point after being sharpened. Spoiler alert, a really long time! This was very surprising as I have always had my pencil points break after the first couple of letters and just cause the entire writing experience to deteriorate as I go on. I can wholeheartedly say that this was not the case when I used this one. It kept its point for an unusually long time, which allowed me to really enjoy writing out my review.


Sorry if it’s hard to see. If you want me to upload a better version, let me know in the comments.

Now on to the eraser. The eraser was a huge surprise, as I actively try to not use the erasers on any wooden pencil. This is probably due to the myriad of horrible experiences I have had with them. However, after a little testing, I can say that this pencil’s built-in eraser completely blows all the others out of the water. Not even the Blackwing 602’s eraser can compete with this in my opinion.


It’s quick to erase and requires minimal pressure, which prevents smudging due to excessive erasing. It clumps together for easy removal, and leaves the paper incomparably clean. The experience is similar when I use a separate eraser. Despite all the good things I have to say, I still try not to use it too much. This is due to the eraser being white. I feel that prolonged usage will stain it, and cause the pen to degrade in looks. That’s just another one of my peculiar habits, for those of you who are more inclined to use it to its fullest, go ahead, because it won’t disappoint you.

Overall, I recommend everyone to try using this pencil at least once. I have a feeling that it will appeal to many of you who use pencils on a regular basis. Priced at exactly $1, it is the most affordable pencil of high quality that I have ever used. To date I have not found any other pencil in that price range that can match the Uni Mitsubishi 9850 in performance. Try it out, it might just surprise you!