Zebra Sarasa 0.7MM Review


Another pen from the JetPen hoard. This is one that I tested first, believe it or not. I immediately wrote a paragraph with it, and then wrote up a review about my thoughts about how great it was. I let the post sit in my WordPress draft section for a long while.  I was so excited, I used it for a week straight, and that’s when I started noticing the flaws. I continued to use it, to just finish up the ink for the next 2 weeks, and I’ve yet to finish. I went back to my initial review draft, deleted everything, and rewrote my review from scratch based on my experiences for those 3 weeks. All my impressions of the pen can be seen in the first picture. But it’s here that I can go a little bit more in-depth about the topics I highlighted in that short paragraph. Continue reading