Pendleton’s Pens “Lumi” Review


The TWSBI Diamond 580 series. Not much can be said about the diamond series pens that hasn’t already been said. The current version I am reviewing is the 580AL. The difference between this and the older 580 is the material used. Instead of the traditional plastic we saw used for the grip and piston rod all the way from the 530, TWSBI has opted to reconstruct them with aluminum. How did I know it was aluminum? The chemical symbol of aluminum is Al (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) (*YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH) I’ve definitely learnt something from chemistry class.

This change gives the pen a nice heft, making it feel very solid and sturdy in my hands. The weight of the pen is also directed towards the front, which helps me write with less overall pressure. I purchased this pen from Pendleton’s Pens, and was extremely satisfied with the professionalism demonstrated by Mr. Brown, as well as the fast shipping.




The TWSBI 580AL has a very simple yet elegant appearance. The chrome pieces and aluminum grip section provide a subtle, satisfying twinkle when it hits the lights at the perfect angle. When capped, I noticed that there was a stark contrast between the plain cap and the multifaceted diamond pattern found on the body. When uncapped, this pattern helps the pen not roll off the table (almost happened to me, I completely freaked out >.<).

Finally Here!

Finally Here!

Simple, appropriate for price range

Simple, appropriate for price range


I had mentioned in my teaser post that there was something special about this pen. Well here it is! The nib on this pen is absolutely mind-blowing. I was dubious whether a stub nib was what I needed, but now I can say with certainty that they are perfect for notes. Now being a college, I am expected to write a LOT of notes. On average I write almost 11-12 pages per subject everyday. I was thoroughly confused about the nib size that was ideal for me, so I sent an email to Mr. Pendleton Brown detailing my quandary. I wanted a nib that had decent line variation for my calligraphic pursuits, but did not consume copious amounts of ink. Smooth as butter, but crisp enough for intricate details. Fine, but not too fine.

In all honesty, I didn’t know whether what I was asking for was possible, or even realistic. However, within 24 hours, Mr. Brown emailed me with his recommendation. He was prompt, concise, and professional with his recommendation. The nib size he recommended for me was not something that was shown on his website, a “Fat Fine”. His description of it was “fatter than a fine, thinner than a medium”, which turned out to be 0.5mm width. Putting my faith in his expertise, I pulled the trigger. 3 days and $110.00 later, I find myself in nib nirvana. He really knows how to identify what a customer is looking for! Kudos, Mr. Brown 🙂

Nib Close-up

That nib looks so beautiful up close!

I have very limited experience with stub nibs, so at first I found the nib to be really scratchy, and I was disappointed as I was expecting something buttery. Then after 20 minutes of experimentation, I realized it was because I was a total noob, that it was even doing that. I took a few deep breaths, relaxed my grip, brought the nib to a light hover on the paper and moved my whole arm when writing. Instantly the nib glided across the paper with almost no effort. I got a sense of pure joy and elation as I wrote out my first comprehensive handwritten review for this pen.

Handwritten Review

Handwritten Review

Cursive and Line Variation Tests

Cursive and Line Variation Tests



  • Solid construction
  • Juicy, and springy nib
  • Interchangeable with standard TWSBI nibs
  • Great ink capacity
  • Comes with silicone grease and wrench for disassembling


  • More expensive than a standard TWSBI 580AL
  • Doesn’t post well


I would recommend anyone to get a custom Pendleton Point BLS Italic nib. They are juicy, springy, and smooth. I couldn’t be more happier with my purchase. This pen has earned a permanent spot on my EDC list. I look forward to trying out a few new scripts with this pen, which I will hopefully be able to show you guys later on.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Pendleton Brown, and was not compensated in any way for this review. I am just another happy customer. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pendleton’s Pens “Lumi” Review

    • I’m sorry to hear that. What size did you get? How’s your writing style like? It took me a while to get it, but it requires a very gentle touch to really make it glide. Try moving your whole arm when writing, and just barely touch the nib to the paper. If you are already doing this, then I think the problem could be the ink. I have mine currently inked up with the same Kon-Peki I used in the review. As you might know, it is very smooth and lubricated, which could possibly be helping my overall experience.

  1. yeah. TWSBI is one of my fave pens as well. i have Diamond 530 in F nib. got it in taiwan during my trip there few years back and loving it ever since. congrats on your 580AL, making me wonder how different in feel this would be in comparison to my 530.

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