Done with Finals

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I officially finished all my finals and started my summer break. I’m gonna be taking the weekend off to de-stress and get my bearings back. I’ll be coming back strong on Monday with a review of one my favorite inks. Until then, write on, my friends.


Anchit, The Passionate Penman

Pilot Frixion Point 4


Now this is a pen that I personally found to be much more comfortable than the slim version I reviewed a while ago. The body is larger than the slim (go figure), but this change in the size and width make it that much more easy to write with.


The cap is a welcome addition as it is much better than the knock archaism on the slim. It caps nicely with a resounding click and is not going to accidentally pop off any time soon.


The grip is a little thin, but it surprisingly makes up for it by being made of a slightly squishier material than the standard plastic grips I’ve gotten used to. It reminds me of the Alpha-gel pencils that were extremely popular in high school. Though not as squishy as that, it definitely does a decent job in helping keep stress off my fingers when I grip slightly harder than usual. With the stress I’ve been under studying for finals, I’ve noticed that I’ve been squeezing harder than usual.


The ink is the same as the last Frixion, a thermo-sensitive ink that can be erased through the power of… you guessed it: friction. One of the things I’ve noticed after lurking on many a pen store scouring the various reviews is the possibility of getting a bunch of lemons in a pack. People were complaining about how after a few sentences or after a couple of weeks, the Frixion dried out quickly. One trick to reactivate the ink would be to put it in the freezer as recommended by JetPens. Now I personally have yet to face this issue with either of my Frixions so I cannot make any conclusions as to the validity of these claims, but I figured I should mention it, just in case any of you were looking into picking one up.


The eraser boasts the same efficiency of the slim and I have yet to find any difference in the erasing ability of either. While I can’t confidently claim that all the Frixion erasers have the same level of reliability, I can infer that based on my experience with these two, the standard should be about the same across the board. JetPens created an amazingly detailed comprehensive guide to the Frixions that you can check out when making your decision.

The Frixion Point 4, as this particular model is called, is a great pen that completely bows the Slim Ball out of the water in terms of comfort. The erasable ink allows it to be used in any setting whether for personal or office related tasks. The ink erases without a fuss and the pen is well-designed. While a little more on the expensive side, the convenience of being able to erase while using a pen makes the cost worthwhile for me at least. If you’re interested in pen with erasable ink, look no further than the Pilot Frixion series.


Pilot Mutli Ball Rollerball

100th post! Yay! New milestone. Onwards to 250. 🙂


I was recommended the Pilot Multi Ball Liquid Ink pen by a friend and I simply got it just to give it a try. Little did I know, I would find such as amazing pen in the process. The Multi Ball is a liquid ink rollerball pen that has a fine tip. The writing experience is reminiscent of the Retro 51 but it has one very important difference, the size of the tip is absolutely perfect for me. The grip, while a little thin, is well designed with small circular indents to helps when I choke up my grip to try to gain maximum control. I tend to post most of my pens, but on the Multi Ball, the clip tended to dig in to my hand, so I just decided to not post. This was fine as the long body of the pen allowed for comfortable use without needing to post. Overall, I’m very happy with my decision to try this pen out. Go try the Pilot Multi Ball out and you’ll be surprised by the way it handles in comparison to the Retro 51 and for those looking for a thinner rollerball, give this a try.

Diamine Sherwood Green


Sherwood Green has quickly become one of my favorite green inks and for good reason. Rich and saturated with a color tone resembling that of a dark forest. On thinner nibs, I noticed that there was a huge variety of shading. When I was testing it out in my Platinum Nice Pur fine, I noticed a chromatic effect when observing the tops of the line going from a light to progressively darker color at the bottom where the ink seemed to pool when the nib pulled off the paper. It has really helped me open up to the wide array of green inks I never thought I’d try. It allowed me to take a small step outside my comfort zone and traditional color palette of blacks and blues when it came to my inks. I can’t wait to try many more offerings from Diamine as well as the numerous other companies. If they’re anything like Sherwood Green, I know I’ll love them.


I’m not dead…yet

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I updated and before I start trying to justify myself I would like to sincerely apologize to all my readers for the astounding delay of the reviews for the last 2 weeks. Truth be told, this is my last quarter before I transfer to a 4 year university, so the stress I’ve been facing in the recent weeks has been way more than I can ever remember experiencing in my entire academic career thus far. While this is not an excuse for missing the reviews, I hope I can get your forgiveness for not keeping up my promise of one review per week. It was not my intention to start slacking, but my thoughts of reviews inadvertently went straight to the back burner for the past few weeks and as much as I regret to say this, it will stay there until my quarter officially end in the second to last week of June. However, I really don’t feel comfortable in letting my blog remain devoid of any content for that long as it would simply drain my motivation. As such, I found an alternative that would allow for me to focus on my studies for the last two weeks of school without any unfinished business. Starting tomorrow, I will put out one review everyday for the next 5 days in order to both make up for the reviews I missed so far and satisfy the reviews for this week and the next two weeks. Expect it to go live tomorrow afternoon. Let’s clear up the queue so I can devote my entire focus to studying for my finals. Once again, I sincerely apologize for the delay and hope that this makes up for it. I really have to study hard to do well and successfully transfer. Thank you so much for your understanding. Wish me luck! 🙂