Massdrop: The Answer to my Addiction

Hey guys,

It has been a while since I last posted something. I had promised ink reviews for a bunch of posts now, but am having trouble inking the samples up in my pens. Not to fear, I am going to purchase a Goulet ink syringe so I can really get started on those.

I come to you with a different proposition. Through browsing the ever-cynical, hilarious, and sometimes creepy front page of Reddit. I stumbled upon a post from r/fountainpens that was linking me to a site called Massdrop. It is a startup that is making group buys extremely easy by catering to a large variety of enthusiasts. Be it pen addicts, audiophiles, fashionistas, you name it. The best part about it is that you choose what to list. anyone who has an account can start a poll on products they want to buy. By listing it in a poll, if you get 200 votes, and the product you want is at the top spot, Massdrop will contact the vendor with the orders, and you, the consumer would have saved a ton of money.

They had a Lamy 2000 listed for nearly $55 off. Regrettably I missed that, but decided to start a poll of my own. I recently wanted to acquire a Franklin-Christoph Model 40P and see why everyone thinks it’s such a good pen. Here’s the link to the poll: (copy and paste into your browser). By voting, you will be helping me, yourself, and 55 other people (currently) acquire a beautiful pen, and will save a ton of mula in the process, so I urge you all to exercise your civil liberties and truly be a part of a democratic process that will change the lives of many.