Top 5 Pens

Top 5 Gel Ink Pens

  1. Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38mm – One of my first, still the best I’ve ever used.
  2. Pentel Energel Euro Needle-Point 0.35mm – Coming in at a close second, this is one of the most reliable and long lived pens I have.
  3. Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.4mm – When it’s working well, it’s amazing.
  4. Uni-ball Signo RT1 – Performance like the DX, also retractable.
  5. Uni-ball Jetstream – Super crisp and consistent lines

Top 5 Liquid Ink (Roller Ball) Pens

  1. Ohto Graphic Liner 005 – The pen I stockpile because it’s just that good.
  2. Retro 51 Tornado – A classic which took me a long time to acquire. Now that I have, I don’t know why I didn’t get it earlier.
  3. Morning Glory Mach 3 – Bought on a recommendation, got me back into roller balls.
  4. Pilot Multi Ball – A great pen that can write on a wide variety of surfaces.
  5. Pilot Precise V5 – A Staples classic

Top 5 Plastic Tip Pens

  1. Staedtler Pigment Liner – Solid and reliable, ’nuff said
  2. Sakura Pigma Micron – The go-to art pen for many, including me
  3. Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Mangaka – Crisp and sharp lines
  4. Uni Pin Pen – Feels great in the hand, typical drawing pen
  5. Sharpie – Available nearly everywhere and long lasting

Top 5 Fountain Pens Under $30

  1. Jinhao 159 – Looks like a Montblanc, writes better than any pen I’ve seen at it’s price range
  2. Pilot Metropolitan – Slight ergonomic issue for me, but a good write nonetheless
  3. Lamy Safari – Nib swap galore, but the triangular grip may not be for everybody
  4. Platinum Preppy – A quality fountain pen under 5 bucks? Sign me up.
  5. Pilot Petit 1 – Pocket pen, nice nib

 Top 5 Fountain Pens $100-$200

  1. Franklin-Christoph Model 40P – Eyedropper pen with a Masuyama nib = perfection
  2. Pilot Vanishing Point – If you can get used to the clip placement, it’s a lovely daily user
  3. Edison Pearlette – Stunning acrylic colorways, quality nibs once properly tuned
  4. Platinum #3776 Century – Nibs run a little fine, but unparalleled smoothness out of box
  5. Pilot Falcon – Modern hooded semi flex nib with a lot of character, fun to play around with

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