Morning Glory Mach 3 Rollerball 0.38mm

I just noticed that Tuesday’s review wasn’t posted for some reason. I assume it was a problem with the scheduling. I apologize for that. Here you go.


Going along with my new acceptance of rollerballs, and wanting a finer option for my Retro 51, I bought this pen on the recommendation of one Mr. Brad Dowdy as one of his top 5 liquid ink pens. After testing this for a couple months, I have to say it definitely deserves a place on that list. For merely $2.00, this pen lays down a smooth and consistent line, the cap posts snugly, the body has a nice heft to it, the grip is functional and the ink window is convenient. For a pen that provides so much value for it’s price, I’m perplexed at how it’s not more popular.


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