Tombow Mono 100

So sorry for the delay my friends, it took me a while to settle down to my new quarter schedule. Now that I’m back and at it, expect a few reviews throughout the month.


I got this pencil purely for the sake of reviewing it, but man was I impressed when I first wrote with it. The letters came out nice and crisp, and the point lasted a lot longer than some of the other pencils I’ve reviewed. On the barrel it says “for hi-precision drafting”. While I won’t be using it in that capacity, I’m sure it would undoubtedly perform well. The sleek all black color with that small stripe near the end accentuate the aesthetics of this pencil. It looks like it would be at home on the desk of a high level executive, but at the selling price, it’s an affordable option for anyone who wants a quality wooden pencil that looks good and writes well. I know I’ll certainly be stocking up on a few of these.




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