Pentel Energel-X RT Review


I got a haul from JetPens a while back before the quarter started. I alternated using the pens for a week and wrote reviews on all of them. This was the first pen I tried out, and I have to say this is arguably one of the best in the entire haul. I have officially been converted into a gel pen user. I was initially reluctant to try this pen as it seemed to bright and plastic-y for my taste. All of that was forgotten the moment the tip touched the paper. The ink quite literally glides off the nib, providing a smooth, consistent line. This allowed my lettering to look more crisp, even on cheap copy paper. Everything about the grip is perfect. The positioning (not too low/high), texture (not too squishy/rough), and the ridges (don’t cut into your fingers, no matter the pressure). This pen has raised the bar for my expectations, and it’s going to be difficult finding a pen that can match this one.

P. S. Stay tuned for a new ink review on Wednesday!

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