You can’t get rid of me that easily

Hello Everyone,

Bet you thought I was gone, didn’t you? Well my friends what can I say. It was the dreadful week known to all college students: midterms week, During this week I had so much tossed onto my already burgeoning workload that I honestly didn’t have any time to post reviews. Adding on to that, it was also a week of religious festivities, and I found myself slowly sinking into the swamp known as procrastination. So I saved all my drafts and will complete them shortly. The first one will come out tomorrow, and the rest over the weekend.

On another note, I would like to make a request of my readers. If you notice on the right side of my blog there are links to my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. I know that I haven’t been very active on those mediums for a while (especially Instagram), but as the religious festivities end, I decided to fix that. I have been rigorously posting pictures on Instagram of all my pen reviews. I would like to humbly request that you follow me on Instagram. I have found that it provides many uses to document my journey down the stationary rabbit hole. I’m talking just pictures of my day, random calligraphy/quotes, sharing my practice for motivation, sneak peek on what I review next, the possibilities are endless. If I have my readers following me, it gives me that extra push I need to deliver. Please don’t take this as shameless self advertising, but rather an opportunity to motivate someone who’s blog you enjoy reading. Thank you very much, and have a great day!



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